Public notices: Businesses seek to keep changes on Cookham High Street

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

In the public notices this week, two applications for retrospective planning permission have been put forward concerning The Arcade in Cookham High Street.

The Royal Borough is also seeking to close a road in Hurley for fibre optic cable works in January.


An application has been put forward retrospectively for a Cookham business to run out of a converted shed.

The area is to the rear of The Arcade in Cookham high street. It was formerly a ‘dilapidated shed’ used for storage by tenants of The Arcade.

The property is now occupied by a small business using it as an office.

During the first lockdown, a resident asked if the premises could be converted into a space for them to carry out hairdressing services.

Formerly she was running the business from home but wanted to stop because of COVID concerns.

Work was undertaken to clear out rubbish and remove an asbestos roof from the shed and convert it into a space for her use.

The applicant is asking the Royal Borough for permission to keep this construction, as it offers ‘an affordable space for a local business.’

Also at The Arcade, another retrospective planning application has been put forward to demolish an existing shed and form a patio with outdoor seating for use by a coffee shop.

A new tenant who runs a local coffee shop moved into The Arcade and was asked by customers if there was an outside seating area.

According to the applicants, the business-owner lost customers as a result of there being no outdoor seating.

The applicants were asked to build a patio for customers to use. They did so and are now seeking retrospective planning permission for the alteration.

This has turned the 30-year-old ‘leaky shed’ from an ‘eyesore’ into an ‘enjoyable outdoor seating area’ in which to enjoy refreshments, the applicants claim.

They add that the alteration forms ‘an integral part of the financial viability’ of the coffee shop.

Road closures

The Royal Borough is looking to close Hurley Lane from its junction with A4130 Henley Road to its junction with A404 at Hurley.

The reason for this prohibition is allow Gigaclear contractors to undertake essential fibre optic cable installations in the verges.

The alternative route will be via A4130 Henley Road, along A404 from Burchetts Green, then northwards to Henley Road junction.

Residents and businesses within the boundary of the restriction will still have access.

The restrictions are to begin at 8am on January 17 and will continue for no more than 18 months – or until the works have been completed.

It is expected that works will be completed by 6pm on January 31. The restriction will apply only when the appropriate traffic signs are displayed.

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