Council will 'keep to the plan' after Boris Johnson discourages green-field developments

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

The council has said it will be keeping to the Borough Local Plan to build on Maidenhead golf course and other green field sites despite calls from the Prime Minister to preserve such spaces.

On Wednesday, October 6, at his Conservative Party Conference 2021 address in Manchester, Boris Johnson said that houses should not be built on green fields in general.

“You can see how much room there is to build the homes, not on green fields but on brownfield sites, in places where homes make sense,” the PM said.

Royal Borough residents have picked up on this and suggested it means the Borough should rethink building on current Maidenhead Golf Club land.

Leader of the council, Andrew Johnson, said: “We heard the PM’s speech but quite simply, it doesn’t change anything as far as our local plan is concerned. We remain committed to going forward with it.

“The golf club remains the largest allocation for residential homes. Other non-town-centre sites would be far less sustainable.

“We should absolutely focus on brownfield sites first but that shouldn’t be at the expense of other uses – we need some for commercial and industrial use.

“If we really did try to focus on brownfield, there’d be a lot of flats, a lot of density,” he added.

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