New traffic lights in Bath Road 'intolerable' for neighbours

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

The controversial alteration of Oldfield roundabout into a signal junction is causing ‘intolerable’ problems for residents on Guards Club Road.

Residents of the road have had ‘extreme difficulty’ accessing the street.

“The access is constantly blocked by the constant traffic jam on the A4 and the traffic coming over Maidenhead Bridge,” said Guards Club Road resident Mary-Ann Harding.

“Very few drivers observe the ‘keep clear’ sign that is barely visible on the A4 outside Guards Club Road therefore they simply block it.”

“There is also a lot of noise that I can hear from inside my house due to drivers beeping due to the actions of other drivers,” she added.

“It is extraordinarily inconsiderate to have caused such a huge backlog of traffic on the A4.

“At the weekends we have simply given up leaving the road as the volume of traffic seems to double because of the M4 closure.”

“I drove to Tesco in Taplow a distance of 1.4 miles – it took me 25 minutes to get back to my house as the tail back of traffic on the A4 went back as far as Tesco.

“The situation has become so intolerable that I have put the house on the market. Living in Guards Club Road has become simply intolerable.”

Ms Harding described the Royal Borough’s expressed aim to improve traffic flow and alleviate congestion as ‘farcical’.

“The access to my road is severely restricted seven days a week,” she said.

Local residents are now using Ray Mill Road East and Ray Mill Road West as an alternative route to get to the town centre.

A council spokesman said: “The lights are in place while we upgrade the Oldfield Road roundabout to a signal-controlled junction to provide greater capacity in line with the development of Maidenhead town centre.

“Once this project has been completed the junction will flow more smoothly than during the roadworks. This would limit any impact on the Guards Club Road entry.

“We are also looking to see if improvements can be made to the ‘keep clear’ markings to further assist traffic flow.”

A number of residents have expressed anger over these alterations to the road, on several occasions.

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  • Pursuer

    11:28, 13 May 2021

    It's like the rest of the current monumental roundabout works in the Borough- take months to widen the carriageway by about 30cms each side, and as sure as eggs are eggs some cretin will decide to paint hatching over the widened roundabout to stop drivers using the new space. This was not what HMG intended with the extra funds to improve road surfaces and repair , amongst other things' potholes. Whenever traffic experts/consultants produce 'improvements' it makes things worse. Remember the infamous traffic lights on the A4 to provide a link into Sainsbury's in the face of waste objections from residents who said it was nonsense? Yes as we all know, a few years afterwards this idiotic project was reversed. Another waste of public money by a Council which constantly complains it has no money.



  • robcorb

    14:37, 05 May 2021

    But will the new "signal-controlled junction" flow more smoothly than a roundabout? I doubt it.



    • JoeSoap

      12:47, 12 May 2021

      Complete waste of public money. They don't know what they're doing



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