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Maidenhead residents peeved by noisy motorbikes circling streets

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

A resident’s enjoyment of the improving weather is being marred by repeated incidents of noisy motorcycles circling the street.

Andy Paradise, of Wootton Way, has been bothered by increasing incidences of loud motorbikes being driven seemingly in a circuit, for hours at a time on some occasions.

“It's something that's been affecting my relative sanity for a while now, they just keep getting louder,” he said.

As the nights get lighter and warmer, having the windows open means the noise has been waking Andy’s children and scaring his dog.

“You can tell they're doing a circuit racing around all the same back roads making as big a nuisance as possible,” he said.

“The bikes have clearly been modified to amplify the exhausts to the max, which produce a deafening roar as they thunder up and down but they're only on L plates bikes so not actually powerful at all.

“They're driving is horrendous too. I'm amazed that one bike and rider in particular is still on the road.”

Andy said he contacted the police to lodge a complaint but their response led him to believe they were ‘not interested’ despite the noise being ‘well over the (legally) approved decibel level’.

“At weekends it can go on for two or three hours just a constant drone of them accelerating up and down our road, which when you're trying to enjoy an afternoon in the garden isn't particularly pleasant,” he said.

Other residents in the area have also expressed their displeasure, posting about their similar experiences on regional social media website, Nextdoor.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: “We regularly patrol hotspot areas for the illegal use of vehicles such as motorcycles and quad bikes utilising both marked and unmarked police vehicles.

“These vehicles, if used on the roads are subject to the same restrictions and checks as cars such as requiring an MOT (including the exhaust being road legal) and motor insurance.

“If used off-road then it must be with the landowner’s permission on private land.

“The use in parks and recreation grounds will not be tolerated and we will always seek to catch and deal with those responsible.

“Over the past few months we have issued warnings under Section 59 Police Reform Act to those being used anti-socially and if caught again they will be seized. We have also seized a number of them for various offences.

“Residents can report incidents to the force, providing as much detail as possible to assist us in identifying offenders, ideally through the Thames Valley Police webform which will then be passed through to the correct area Neighbourhood Team to progress.

“This also helps us identify where and what time these offences are occurring.

“Videos or photographs also help a great deal but only when it's safe to do so.

“We take these reports very seriously and will continue to target those trying to flaunt the rules and impact the wider community.”

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  • Bungle

    17:23, 02 May 2021

    Adrian Williams really going for a journalism award this year. Riveting.



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