Maidenhead candidates react to general election result

Conservatives – Theresa May

 Immediately after winning the seat, Theresa May said she would represent her constituents the best she could, and said that trains were one of her top priorities.

She told the Advertiser: “I am very grateful to the people of Maidenhead for voting me back in.

“It’s a huge privilege and a huge honour and I look forward to representing them, working hard for them on all the issues that matter to them.

“Things like making sure we keep fast train services into London for both Maidenhead and Twyford stations.

“These are the issues that matter on a day-to-day basis to me.

Speaking about her slightly dented majority, she added: “Over the recent elections we have seen the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats vying for second place. Last time around Labour were second; this time around the Liberal Democrats were second.

“If you look at the majority I’ve got you’ll see that I’m pretty comfortable with that.”


Liberal Democrats – Joshua Reynolds


The Liberal Democrats’ candidate Joshua Reynolds won 13,774 vote, taking a bite out of Theresa May’s majority and securing a second-place finish.

Speaking on Twitter on Friday, the 20-year-old said: “Huge thank you to the nearly 14,000 people who supported me in yesterday's election.

“Thank you also to the team who made everything possible.

“I will continue fighting for Maidenhead as a local councillor and as a campaigner to make our town a better place for us to live in.”


Labour – Pat McDonald

Labour’s Pat McDonald, who won 11,261 votes in 2017, slipped into third place this year, gaining 7,882 votes.

He said: “Unfortunately our leadership has not broken through. Young people, vast numbers of young people are voting for us, and that’s fantastic for the future, but clearly we have a problem at the top.

“We have betrayed the vast numbers of ordinary working people, the poorest in society, who we are supposed to protect. We won’t be there for them for five years.”


Green Party – Emily Tomalin


The Green Party candidate Emily Tomalin took 2,216 votes, amounting to 3.9 per cent of the total ballot papers.

This was more than double 907 votes the Green candidate received in the 2017 election.

After the results were announced, she said: “Greens are doing better, we are rising throughout the country.

“I have doubled my vote.”

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