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Simon Dudley blocks opposition leader following 'fact checking' tweets

The leader of the council’s opposition was accused of trolling yesterday by the Royal Borough leader who has now blocked her.

Cllr Lynne Jones (Ind, Old Windsor) hit back by saying she had actually been challenging Tory leader Cllr Simon Dudley’s claims about highways spending on Twitter.

The spat last week saw Cllr Jones – who heads the group of non-Conservative opposition councillors – said Cllr Dudley was not being completely clear about the council’s spending on roads and potholes.

“So... I have been fact checking Simon Dudley’s tweets,” she tweeted on Saturday.

“Every time I saw him posting about spending £50m on highways and pavements I made the point that the highways and pavements maintenance budget had been reduced (with evidence).

“Guess what!!! He blocked me.”

When asked why he had blocked the opposition leader, Cllr Dudley said: “She was not involving herself in any discourse.

“She just trolls people.”

He said her tweets to him were ‘not scrutiny, just trolling’.

But Cllr Jones categorically denied she had been trolling and said she had instead wanted to challenge Cllr Dudley’s claims, with the May 2 election approaching.

“If he can’t come back (to her challenges) it is like in council – if they can’t debate it, and they have not got the answer, then they just attack who is challenging them,” she said.

Addressing his description of her as trolling, she said her Facebook and Twitter pages are publicly accessible and added: “I am really astonished at that… I would challenge anybody to say I am a troll.”


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