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Drivers hit out at parking machine teething troubles

The council leader is hoping that problems with the Royal Borough’s new car parking machines will be overcome once residents ‘get used to the technology’.

More than 100 machines have been installed by the Royal Borough to allow drivers to use their Advantage Cards to secure discounted rates and pay with their credit and debit cards.

But, following the installation of the devices at locations such as Boulters Lock car park, Hines Meadow and Grove Road in Maidenhead, and Victoria Street in Windsor, drivers took to social media to vent their frustration.

The machines were criticised for not recognising Advantage Cards and being too complicated to use.

Council leader Cllr Simon Dudley (Con, Riverside) said: “We’ve done lots of testing with multiple Advantage Cards and there was clearly an issue with some barcodes not being recognised.

“But the data download was completed about a week and a half ago and now it’s just a matter of people getting used to the technology.”

The council had to give out temporary Advantage Card barcodes for drivers to use while issues with the new machines were fixed.

It has also now published online video tutorials on how to use the new technology.

Leader of the Opposition Cllr Lynne Jones (Ind, Old Windsor) said that the new machines should have been tested at one or two locations to establish any problems before rolling them out across the borough.

She said: “To be honest I would expect this to be called into the Highways, Transport and Environment Overview & Scrutiny Panel as the process has been handled poorly and the details need to be looked at.”

A Royal Borough spokeswoman added: “Staff have been periodically going out to visit the machines to check they are all working.

“If residents have ongoing problems then it could be because their cards are damaged.”

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  • Giles Denney

    11:17, 06 May 2019

    It says in the article "It has also now published online video tutorials on how to use the new technology." but I've google searched and been on RBWM website and can find no trace of any such videos! Can the journalist or RBWM please post a link to the video tutorials please? Or is this just another example of "simple Simon says"?



  • Pursuer

    15:46, 07 March 2019

    I visited the library last week having had total failure of these new machine. It appears that my Advantage card was old & not on the system,although it operated perfectly well with the previous car parking fee machines.I learned that old cards were not time limited, but the new ones have a 2-year validity. I was given a new card OK, and the printed bar code for use in case the new card wasn't accepted. I was told that there were problems with the operation of the system, probably a software issue. Why does RBWM think it necessary to change & purchase new systems when the old ones worked OK & why do these failures with new systems occur so often, q.v Nicholsons Walk Car Park & King Edward Car Park in Windsor.? I hope local tax payers are not meeting the remedial costs of these defective systems. BTW ref Grove Road car park, I noticed that those users who were successful, in some cases after several attempts, commented on how slow the system is especially reading, and apparently photographing, the Advantage cards. Why is a photograph needed?



  • Vivianna

    08:31, 07 March 2019

    The article refers to an online tutorial but no link was provided. Please amend with a link for readers' use. Thank you.



    • StewartRobertson

      10:03, 07 March 2019

      Vivianna - it's here: (No Facebook account required.)



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