YouTube star gains 165,000 subscribers with study tips

A YouTube star from Maidenhead with more than 165,000 subscribers shot to fame because of revision videos.

Jade Bowler, or ‘UnJaded Jade’, started her channel on the online video platform just over a year ago because she struggled to relate to ‘narcissistic’ and ‘consumeristic’ beauty channels.

She started a channel with revision tips to try and inspire people to achieve their goals, and it was a big success, with her videos often getting hundreds of thousands of views. She said: “It’s literally amazing, I feel with most videos I make that I am helping people or inspiring people to have a more positive outlook.”

Currently studying for A-Levels in maths, biology, and chemistry, the 18-year-old feels that her

success partly comes down to how she can relate to her audience.

She said: “I tend to give a lot of tips from experience, I use my platform to relate to a lot of people, with exam stress and the fear of failure – a lot of the more negative side that teenagers go through.

“I really like being able to help people through that.”

But her life is a balancing act when exams are around the corner.

She said: “The issue with my channel is exam season is the peak of wanting to help people, but its also my own academic peak when I have to do the most amount of work.

“It’s definitely hard to juggle.”

Over the last year, Jade has found herself at the centre of a new ‘Study Tuber’ phenomenon and is one of several personalities spreading the message that studying is cool.

But despite her new-found fame, she is still remaining grounded.

She said: “At the end of the day I am just Jade, still don’t feel like I’m a ‘Youtuber’ or that I’m famous or anyone cares about my life.

“But it’s really nice hearing how I’ve helped people.

“It’s been a crazy year.”

With exams fast approaching, Jade gave her top five revision tips:

  • Have a structured plan. It makes life so much easier if you plan your revision around when you have each exam.
  • Don't compare yourself to others. Some people will revise 12 hours a day, other people will only need to do two hours for the same results. Comparing yourself to other people will just stress you out.
  • Visualise yourself doing well in each exam. Before every exam I always recommend visualising that exam going well. Imagine yourself going through it and be more positive.
  • Look after your mental health. It’s really important, do not allow yourself to burn out and make sure you take breaks in your revision.
  • See it in perspective. It’s only a few weeks in your life, it’s worth putting in the effort now. The revision you do now is temporary but the grades you will get are not.


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