Lord Buckethead pays visit to Beech Lodge School (and collects Advertiser Being of the Year award)

James Harrison

James Harrison

Intergalactic political sensation Lord Buckethead is back.

The space nobleman was at Beech Lodge School this afternoon to wish pupils a merry Christmas and thank them for their support following June's General Election.

The candidate, who took 249 votes when he stood against Prime Minister Theresa May in the poll, was at the Henley Road school to deliver a festive message for the town, the world and the galaxy.

He said: “It was so heart warming that if I had a heart, I would be warm.

“Alas, I should simply say: one, my message to you is keep up the underdog spirit.

“No matter who you are, it just goes to show that the Tories might have won the election but a funny chap in a cape can have a lot of fun as well.

“Two, it’s not always the winning but the taking part that counts, have fun and enjoy whatever you do.

“And three, be good, work hard and treat your teachers well – otherwise you might end up in a job no one wants, like politician.”

The event also saw Lord Buckethead collect a 'Being of the Year' award from the Advertiser in recognition of the impact he has had on the town in 2017.

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