Veterinary nurse urges pet owners to microchip animals to ensure they are returned

Stray pets found in Maidenhead are not being returned to their owners because many are not microchipped, a registered veterinary nurse has warned.

Michelle Lane, 36, of the Pines Veterinary Clinic in the Bath Road, said owners should get their animals tagged with the device, which records their contact information on a database, in case they wander away from home.

Pets the vets aren’t able to return to their owner are taken to a rescue home and are ‘rarely’ reunited with their families due to the difficulty of finding out who they are.

About 20 stray pets that were taken in to Pines Veterinary Clinic were not able to be returned this year.

“It is quite frustrating and it is very sad for us because we see a lot of friendly or well-loved pets coming in and then we can’t return them with someone who is probably missing them,” Michelle said.

The vets have seen a number of cats come in without a microchip, which especially concerned her.

Felines aren’t the only animals that arrive without a way of locating their homes, however.

Two months ago, the police brought a 2 metre long Burmese python in, and the snake could not be reunited with its owner without a microchip.

A number of rabbits and a ‘beautiful’ blue and green parrot, which appeared expensive to Michelle, have also not been taken back to their home for the same reason.

She believed owners do not always realise that animals other than dogs can be chipped.

“I think that is one of the issues – people do not think about getting their pets microchipped,” she said.

Though the RSPCA do try to return the animals, Michelle believed if the vets have not been able to do so, it was unlikely they would ever get back to their homes.

Animals can be microchipped at vets.


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