Fox hunting activists campaign in Maidenhead to keep the ban

Activists marched up and down Maidenhead High Street on Sunday in opposition to Theresa May’s plans to scrap the fox hunting ban.

The Prime Minister announced this month that she plans to hold a Commons vote over whether to repeal the Hunting Act, which was introduced in 2005.

Members of Berkshire Against Blood Sports responded by holding a demonstration, handing out leaflets and playing out the sounds of packs of hounds from a megaphone.

Group spokesman Mark Palmer said: “What’s particularly galvanised this action is the threat that Theresa May and the Conservatives have in their manifesto that they want to have a vote on repealing the hunt ban.

“It’s completely abhorrent, sick and disgusting and I thought we’d left this in the 20th century.”

The activists spoke to members of the public about the Votes for Vinny campaign, which asks people to fill in their name and address online which then triggers an anti-fox hunting letter to be sent to their general election candidates.

Activist Carol Samuel, who lives in Maidenhead, added: “84 per cent of the public do not want a repeal of the hunt ban.

“Theresa May is not listening to the public. We’re asking her, who does she represent?

“The large population of this country or the minority of thugs and deviants who go out ripping foxes apart.

“We want to educate the public because a lot of them really don’t understand what’s going on in the countryside.”

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