Desborough College principal proposes move to Maidenhead golf course with Newlands Girls' School

Single-sex education schools could relocate to land at Maidenhead Golf Club, according to the principal of Desborough College.

In a letter to the Royal Borough, Paul Frazer proposed that his school in Shoppenhangers Road move to the land with Newlands Girls’ School, in Farm Road.

Maidenhead Golf Club, which is just down the road from Desborough College, is up for redevelopment after the council bought back the lease early in a multi-million pound deal last year.

“Many advantages, both educational and financial, are to be gained through the sharing of expertise, personnel, resources and facilities,” Mr Frazer said.

Mr Frazer said the schools would continue to offer single-sex teaching for pupils aged 11-16, but would create a mixed sixth form.

He also suggested a junior house for children from nursery age to 11 could also be built at the site.

The letter also addressed the issue of introducing some form of selection to the Royal Borough’s schools, pending changes to national legislation.

“Were selective education to be successfully introduced into the Royal Borough, twenty per cent of the secondary places would be based on selection by ability,” he wrote.

“Pupils gaining admission through this route will be taught a demanding, academic curriculum based on that offered by the majority of grammar and independent schools.”

The council agreed to buy back the Maidenhead Golf Course lease early for a minimum of £12m last year.

It could pay an extra £4.25m if the club leaves within three years.

Desborough College and Newlands Girls' School have both been contacted for comment.


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  • Pursuer

    20:08, 23 March 2017

    @ Roger Panton on Facebook. I think the idea of station car parking at Newlands would be unpopular, with a 1.5. miles walk. s for flats well Maidenhaed is getting swamped by them and whilst I'm sure views over The Thicket might be popular flats at that location would not fit in with the general development profile



  • bobbennington

    08:08, 22 March 2017

    What a silly idea. Has it occurred to Desborough College that in the process of building 14,000 new houses in maidenhead we might need some NEW schools (pro-rata we need 15) rather than just tarting up the existing ones? I'm sure that in financial terms the Heads of these schools think they've come up with a winning plan as seen elsewhere in the Borough - namely sell the existing buildings and land for housing, and then get RBWM (ie. me) to fund the building of a nice shiny new school. Also, whilst I'm not particularly a fan of single sex schools I acknowledge the demand for them so why allow the only two such schools to become co-ed at 6th Form level? Is that to save another £4.50 from the budget?



  • Pursuer

    19:07, 21 March 2017

    And who does this luminary think will pay the colossal cost of this bright idea, notwithstanding that it would take years to complete? No doubt us jolly old ratepayers of course. I doubt this flight of fantasy would be popular with parents of a significant number of the pupils.



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