Prime Minister welcomed aboard new learning bus

The Prime Minister was on hand to officially welcome pupils aboard a new learning space at Woodlands Park Primary School on Friday.

The school in Heywood Avenue had a double decker bus delivered which is to be used as a learning space and library, and has also had some additional building work done, turning the existing library into a classroom.

The new classroom will allow the school to split up two year groups who were sharing a classroom while the work was undertaken.

Business manager Paula Wells-Cole said:"We didnt tell the children the Prime Minister was coming, so when she turned up they were all very excited.

"She spent a lot of time speaking to the children and with the staff."

The headteacher, Alison Penny, took the Prime Minister on a tour of the completed work and the bus, which includes a quiet space upstairs for one-to-one tuition.

Paula added: "The Prime Minister was very impressed."


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