Desborough College pupils launch Reverse Advent Calendar

James Harrison

The whole idea of an Advent calendar has been turned on its head to help pupils get into the festive spirit.

Youngsters at Desborough College, in Shoppenhangers Road, have been taking part in a Reverse Advent Calendar project in the run-up to Christmas.

Rather than taking gifts for themselves, the boys have been encouraged to contribute presents of their own, including food and warm clothing, which is set to be given to the Brett Foundation next week.

The scheme has been organised to teach the children about social enterprise.

Stella Neal, a business studies teacher and one of the organisers, said: “We wanted to teach the boys that enterprise isn’t always just about money.

“Every time a charity does something they need the skills that a business needs as well.

“It’s about using things like powers of persuasion to get people to do things for you that will benefit the community – skills which can also be so important throughout life.”

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