Pupils taken on a virtual journey by Google

Google Expeditions took primary school pupils on a series of immersive virtual journeys on Friday.

St Luke's CE Primary School, in Cookham Road, combined Google Cardboard viewers with the latest virtual reality technology to take groups of ‘explorers’ through several locations.

Expeditions allows a teacher acting as a ‘guide’ to lead classroom-sized groups through a series of 360° and 3D images, while pointing out interesting sights along the way.

Students were then asked to produce pieces of writing and artwork based on what they saw, as part of their creative curriculum.

Victoria Hadley, a years four and five teacher said: “Some pupils were taken into space, others visited the Great Barrier Reef.

“Each group went on a different expedition.

“It can be quite disorienting at first, but the students absolutely loved it.

“It made for some really interesting work.”

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