Lib Dems accused of building 'political Death Star' over local plan

A senior councillor accused a member of the opposition of building a ‘political Death Star’ in an email confrontation on Friday.

The row began when Cllr MJ Saunders (Con, Cookham), Royal Borough cabinet member for finance sent an email to Cookham Parish Council accusing the Liberal Democrats of ‘dishonest politics’ regarding the Borough Local Plan.

In the email he accused Cllr Fiona Hewer, chairman of Cookham Parish Council, of crossing over to the ‘dark side of politics’ after Cllr Hewer said the borough was ‘not obliged’ to sacrifice greenbelt.

He also said: "The BLP deniers are recklessly peddling misrepresentations which may appear compelling and comforting to residents but are seriously manipulative and may be motivated by political opportunism."

Cllr Simon Werner (Lib, Pinkneys Green) responded by sending back an identical email, replacing ‘BLP deniers’ with ‘Greenbelt sacrificers’

Tensions rose as Cllr Saunders said: “I suggest you concentrate on building your political Death Star as the Force of truth is not on your side."

He added: “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.”

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