'Petty' thieves take sweets meant for children at Christmas

A community group which raises thousands for charity has hit out after thieves stole tubs of sweets meant for children.

Thieves broke into a container used by Maidenhead Round Table and stole sweets meant for the group’s annual Santa’s Sleigh tour, which visits homes in Maidenhead every Christmas.

Round Table chairman Richard Alvey was shocked to find the lock broken at the site in Lower Mount Farm, Cookham, on Saturday, November 12.

He described the thieves as ‘petty’ and said: “I found the padlock on the floor smashed to pieces. They’ve taken about £100 of our resources including the sweets we had started buying in advance for the Santa Sleigh tour of Maidenhead which starts in December.

“We hope the thieves feel very guilty eating the sweets which were destined for children in our local community.

“This impacts us for the cost of replacing the sweets and the lock, which unfortunately reduces the funds we have available to give back to charities and good causes in our local community.”

The theft has been reported to police.

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