'Mini multi-storey car parks' could be built in Royal Borough

James Harrison

The first major overhaul of parking policy in the Royal Borough for about a decade is due to be decided on.

The scheme, which is set to be presented to the council’s cabinet tonight (Thursday), could see temporary ‘mini multi-storey car parks’ used in Windsor and Maidenhead and some responsibilities devolved to parish councils.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, Cllr Carwyn Cox, cabinet member for parking, told the Advertiser: “This isn’t just a review, this is a whole new way of looking at it.

“It’s a high level document rather than a granular approach because we want to have a strategy on which we can plan for the long term.”

The report seeks to outline the direction of parking policy for the next 20 years.

The focus of this is largely on Maidenhead, which is expected to see the most upheaval due to the arrival of Crossrail in 2019 and a slew of regeneration projects either currently under construction or due to start in the coming years.

“We realised there’s going to be a lot of movement of car parking around Maidenhead while the town is regenerated,” Cllr Cox added.

“So it’s up to us [the council] to keep people informed about what is going on.

“I’m not naive enough to think this will be 100 per cent plain sailing, but we will be doing our best to manage things.”

The main concern for the town is how to manage parking spaces that will be lost as building work progresses.

Last week the Advertiser reported a claim by a working group on the Cox Green and Maidenhead Neighbourhood Plan that an extra 6,500 extra parking spaces were needed for Maidenhead.

An occupancy study currently being undertaken by council officers will be used to determine how much extra parking capacity will need to be provided as car parks are lost to development.

The town hall car park in St Ives Road and part of Hines Meadow, as well as others, are all set to be lost.

A report is expected to be taken to cabinet in December which will recommend temporary parking sites.

This is likely to include recommendations for ‘temporary steel framed parking structures’.

Described as ‘mini multi-storey car parks’, it is felt these offer a cost-effective way to offer a short-term solution.

The report also suggests some car parks in rural areas could be handed over to parish councils.

Visit www.rbwm.gov.uk to read the report.

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