Volunteers wade in for Maidenhead Waterways work

James Harrison

Chest-waders and wellies were the order of the day as work continued on the Maidenhead Waterways project.

Saturday saw a group of eight volunteers tackling channel clearance work on National Trust land at Widbrook Common, near Sutton Road.

While highly-visible construction continues in the town centre, the more low-key and less glamorous work of maintaining feeder channels to the main part of the scheme remains a vital part of the overall plan.

Richard Davenport, chairman of the Maidenhead Waterways Group, said he was pleased with the efforts of the work team to clear a path through reeds in the area to improve water flow.

He was also impressed with the extra volunteers who have signed up to help since the launch of the new Friends of Maidenhead (FoM) scheme.

“We’re starting to get a few extra volunteers coming through the FoM,” he said.

“This is quite hard work, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

“Apart from the mud and the water you’re dealing with there’s also a layer of silt at the bottom of the channel which makes things quite tricky.

“But overall it was very successful and a really good day – even if we did all come out of there absolutely filthy.”

Visit www.maidenheadwaterways.org to find out more about the Maidenhead Waterways project.

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