Maidenhead Labour takes to High Street to campaign against grammar schools

Maidenhead Labour braved the wet weather on Saturday  to campaign against grammar schools.

Members from the party held a stall near Wilko in the town centre to launch the campaign, Education not Segregation.

Patrick McDonald, campaign coordinator, said: "Maidenhead Labour joined party members across England on Saturday in the launch of our campaign to stop the Tories' plan to reintroduce two-tier education — a system which means failure at the age of eleven for eight of every 10 children. "Given a recent report showing five of the six Maidenhead comprehensives were in the top 25 schools in south west London, Surrey and Berkshire it's strange our MP wants to risk this success."

Graham Lee, press officer for the group, added: "We oppose the expansion of second-rate secondary moderns.

"We had a lot of people stop and speak to us about it on Saturday."

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