'Men's rights' campaigner announces bid to oust Theresa May from Maidenhead seat

The leader of a men’s rights party has announced he will stand against the Prime Minister for the Maidenhead seat in the next General Election.

Mike Buchanan, leader of the Justice for Men and Boys (And The Women Who Love Them) party said he will stand in the 2020 election against Theresa May, and plans to start campaigning before Christmas.

The party, which was founded by Mr Buchanan in 2013, claims to be the only party in the ‘English-speaking world’ campaigning for the human rights of ‘men and boys’.

Mr Buchanan said: “I created the party after it dawned on me that feminism was a truly evil ideology driven by the hatred of men and boys.

“If you ask 100 people in Maidenhead what misandry is, I doubt five could tell you.

“Feminists are in major positions of power, Theresa May was photographed wearing a t-shirt that said ‘this is what a feminist looks like’.

"She's nailed her colours to the mast."

When asked why he was standing to be MP of Maidenhead, Mr Buchanan said: “It’s the place to raise the issue of men’s issues; the state is astonishingly anti-male.

“In our party manifesto we outline 20 areas where the human rights of men and boys are assaulted by the state’s actions and inactions, generally to the advantage of women and girls, although men collectively pay almost 75 per cent of the income taxes which largely fund the state.”

Mr Buchanan, who worked in Maidenhead during the 1980s as a buyer at The Brylcreem factory in Norreys Drive, said the party will campaign to make male circumcision illegal, for more support for male victims of domestic violence and for male education rights.

He also spoke about his belief the criminal justice system shows a leniency towards women and the gender pay gap.

He said: "There is no gender pay gap under the age of 40. Between the ages of 20-29 it is in favour of women, from 30-39 it's about the same, and after 40 a significant gap emerges as a result of women simply not devoting time and effort to their careers.

"From the moment they leave school females are more likely to not work or work part time."

Mr Buchanan stood in the last General Election for the Ashfield seat in Nottinghamshire, but lost to Labour MP Gloria De Piero, who was then the shadow minister for women and equalities.

The party intends to contest Conservative seats held by 'prominent feminists' in the next General Election.

Mr Buchanan, who lives in Bedford, plans to spend his time street campaigning in Maidenhead and says he will move to the town if he is elected.

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  • BeardBeetles

    16:27, 01 October 2016

    Mike Buchanan's beard is a valuable resource, providing a home to many rare varieties of British Wildlife and I, for one, support his crusade to support the cruelly maligned Beard Beetle. Go Bucky Beetles!



  • Nick Hirst

    01:00, 01 October 2016

    I find it interesting to note that "01101001" seems to think that he/she is being rather clever. Firstly, he/she seems to 'misunderstand' Douglas Milnes in his post where Douglas's post clearly reads that "Men and women who truly believe in equality......will be voting Mike Buchanan". Mr Milnes does not say that HE shall, simply because he may not be able to. I would vote for Mike Buchanan if I could but I can't in general elections. I also note that 01101001 has an extremely childish way of interacting with the serious issues made by both the men and women who have raised their concerns on this comments page and in general. If 01101001 really has a 6-year-old son well I'm not surprised that this 6-year-old boy has issues where he is "angry and shouty". I would certainly be "angry and shouty" if I had such a fool for a parent as 01101001. 01101001, you are not doing yourself any favours. You are showing us all that you are extremely immature and that your son in his six years is wiser than you. 01101001:You need to grow up, learn that the world does not revolve around your ivory tower and engage in intelligent debate. Thus far you have only proved that you are a fool. Best wishes, NJH



    • 01101001

      16:22, 03 October 2016

      I fell asleep after the first line, could you maybe just use bullet points next time. Thanks



      • Nick Hirst

        22:05, 08 October 2016

        Oh you're SO big and clever aren't you?!



        • 01101001

          20:25, 11 October 2016

          Why thank you.



  • Benher

    14:51, 29 September 2016

    Whoever this guy is, he is speaking truth.



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