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'Sizeable' reduction in Royal Borough councillors proposed

A ‘sizeable’ reduction of the 57 councillors at the Royal Borough will be discussed at a meeting tonight as part of a cost saving scheme.

The council has asked the Local Government Boundary Commission for England to review its 23 wards’ boundaries.

Council leader Simon Dudley (Con, Riverside) said the borough has the lowest average electors-to-councillors ratio in Berkshire.

There are 1,897 per councillor, while the county’s average is 2,222.

He said: “We have been making our officers more efficient, and services more efficient.

“We have to look at our councillors.

“It is not just about councillors, they have associate costs.

“There are printing costs, they take up time with officers.”

A reduction of councillors and those costs could result in hundreds of thousands of pounds in savings, he added.

The last boundary review was in 2001.

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  • Pursuer

    12:20, 28 September 2016

    Perhaps we could abolish the office of Mayor & Deputy Mayor? The only tasks that they perform as such seem to be anachronistic appearances at various events in the Borough. The support dedicated limousine costs could be done away with,along with the hospitality costs met by the Borough, or those who host them. Further, as commented elsewhere given the Council's enthusiasm for privatising each & every function that they can think of why do we need some nay Councillors- what do they do- not a lot it seems, and given the considerable reductions in local Council powers is there any point to having them & paying for the privilege?



  • LawrenceLinehan

    00:07, 28 September 2016

    If they reformed the council then in line with county average there would 48 Conservative councillors. As voters in the RBWM only want Conservative councillors, why don't they have 12 full-time Conservative councillors, over retirement age, to represent the whole borough in return for expenses and a modest salary? This would maintain the representative function of the council while possibly saving money.



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