Could sound be used to combat anti-social behaviour in the Royal Borough?

A talk on how sound can help combat anti-social behaviour was given to councillors on Thursday.

Lisa Lavia, the managing director at the Noise Abatement Society, gave a presentation to the Crime and Disorder Overview and Scrutiny Panel about her group’s work in Brighton.

There, they found playing certain noises in the street at night reduced anti-social behaviour among drunk people as they queued up to enter, or leave, nightclubs.

One of the proposals was to play an inaudible sound that could still be perceived by people that could deter them from being violent.

However, the main suggestion was playing audible, calming music that would have a calming effect on people out and about on a night out.

Ms Lavia suggested the council could take part in a three-month trial to see if the approach worked.

However, the chairman of the panel, Derek Sharp (Con, Furze Platt), said he was wary of using sound to stop sound, and approaches to tackling anti-social behaviour must be adapted to fit the area.

He added: “It is not as clear cut as it was made out to be.”

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