More people visiting Maidenhead town centre

Grace Witherden


The latest footfall figures have been praised after they revealed more people are visiting the town centre compared to last year.

Footfall for the year to date is up 18 per cent on the previous year and almost 700,000 visitors were counted for the month of August.

Olu Odeniyi, president of Maidenhead Chamber of Commerce, said: “This is great news for Maidenhead and for businesses.

“I think it’s down to the great events that run in the town centre and I think our town manager (Steph James) does a great job.

“Events like Eat on the Street are drawing in people to the town centre and we’ve had some big retailers come to Maidenhead such as H&M.

“I also think that we wouldn’t see the footfall figures this high, had the council decided to impose Sunday parking charges.

“We now need more leisure activities such as restaurants that will draw people into Maidenhead town centre.”

The figures reveal the busiest day last month was Friday, August 12 with 33,753 visitors and the peak hour of the month was noon on Friday with 4,219 visitors.

The previous month the busiest day was Saturday, July 23 with 33,238 visitors which was the weekend of Maidenhead Festival.

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