Volunteers wanted to help clear North Town Moor pond

Staff reporter

Volunteers from conservation group Make Space for Life will be working to improve the pond on North Town Moor on Saturday, September 3.

With help from the National Trust, members will clear some of the Hornwort – a British native aquatic plant – from the pond.

It was introduced into the pond in 2014 to improve oxygen levels, following work by the council to deepen the pond. The plant has thrived, improving conditions so that in 2015

and again this year newt larvae have been recorded along with damsel and dragonfly nymphs.

Some of the Hornwort is to be removed in September to prevent deoxygenation when the cold weather causes the plant to die off.

A spokesman for the group said: “If anyone would like to come along to help they would be very welcome and will be free to take some Hornwort home to oxygenate their own pond – it sells for £3 a frond!”


The group will be working at the pond from 10am to 2pm.

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