Kindness Shop opens for people in need in Maidenhead

Will Taylor


Donations are being requested for a new 'Kindness Shop' run by volunteers in the town centre.

The King Street shop is a new initiative from Sue Brett and her foundation and is open from 10am to noon on weekdays.

Unwanted items ranging from school uniforms to white goods such as washing machines are need.

Anyone in need of certain items can go to the shop, fill out a form, and get access to what they require.

Sue said: “It is going really well. We have pots and pans, we’ve had two bikes - people need to be able to commute. "We have school uniforms and have more on the way.”

Sue said the current focus is supporting families as children prepare to go back to school.

She is also hoping for donations of working laptops to help pupils in need.

Sue added: “They are expected to do homework online now.”

Among the other support provided by the Kindness Shop, people can access help for landing a new job.

The volunteers will host regular mock interviews to allow anyone in need to gain skills to compete for their dream job, and suits are available for use during the real interview too.

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