Kindness Shop to offer clothes and goods to those in need

Grace Witherden

A new shop selling clothing and other important goods to people in need will open on Monday.

The Kindness Shop, opens at Maidenhead Foodshare’s previous location in King Street. It will be stocked with school uniforms and stationery, among other items, ahead of the new school year.

It is the creation of Sue Brett and her Foundation and will be open from 10am to noon, Monday to Friday.

Sue said: “It’s for people looking for bags, pens, pencils, that sort of thing. We have got lots and lots of uniforms and lots more coming in.”

Donations to the Maidenhead Foodshare in the wake of a burglary on Thursday, July 28 have taken its stock back to pre-break in levels.

Sue said: “It has been phenomenal. We have had boxes and boxes of food.

“If there is trouble and you put it on Facebook and in the Advertiser, people will help.”

She said the Foodshare had now improved its security.

The Brett Foundation has been involved in negotiations with the Royal Borough over facilities for the homeless including a new day centre in Unit 5, in Howarth Road, and a halfway house at a council property in Braywick Cemetery.

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