Prime Minister takes tour of Maidenhead Waterways

Grace Witherden


The Prime Minister was given a tour by Maidenhead Waterways to see the progress made at the heart of the town’s regeneration on Friday.

Theresa May was shown the entire York Stream works and said it was ‘great’ to see the progress being made.

She previously visited the Maidenhead Waterways project in February last year.

She said: “I think it’s great that we can really start to see the work which has been going on, plus the huge change taking place in the centre of Maidenhead.

“This will be a huge advantage to the town.”

Richard Davenport, chairman of the trustees for Maidenhead Waterways, said: “Maidenhead Waterways was delighted to host Friday’s hour-long visit by Theresa May to review progress on the waterway and adjoining AAP (area action plan) developments.

“Theresa May has supported this right from the beginning when it was just a concept.”

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