Daughter searches for mother's lost sculptures

Grace Witherden


A search for missing sculptures is being undertaken by a daughter who is desperate to find artworks left behind by her mother.

Sonja Grossner, who was just a child when her family left Maidenhead in 1960, is looking for sculptures created by her mother Margarete Klopfleisch.

Margarete, who died in 1982, is famous for her German expressionist artwork and many of her sculptures have appeared in museums across the world.

Sonja believes many of her smaller sculptures were given away by her father between 1960-1965 before he joined them in Dresden, Germany.

Her mother’s art portrays the hardships and struggles faced by her parents as socialists and anti-Nazi fighters, and their lives in exile in the Czech Republic before they escaped to Britain.

Sonja, who now lives with her daughter in Leicestershire, wants to retrieve any lost sculptures so they can be put in museums ‘where they belong’.

She said: “They’re very positive sculptures, she made them all over the place, Czech Republic, Maidenhead and Germany.

“I believe there are a lot of smaller ones left behind in Maidenhead, after our holiday of no return to Dresden, my father gave many of them away.

“I managed to get a few of the bigger ones back, but I have no idea where the rest are. I’m very concerned for their future, they belong in galleries, where they can be seen, not in some-one’s shed. I don’t want them hidden away.”

Sonja believes many of the sculptures left behind are small and created from wood, clay and terracotta.

Email Sonja at vontuba@tesco.net with information.

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