Maidenhead experiences warmest night for decades as heatwave hits

James Harrison

Some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the town were experienced yesterday.

By 3pm, the mercury had hit a high of 33.1C (91.58F), just off Maidenhead’s previous record of 34.9C (94.82F) in July 2015, as the country sizzled and trains were forced to run at delayed speeds in order to cope.

It also made it the second hottest day since July 2006.

And anyone who hoped sunset would bring respite from the heat was in for disappointment, as sleepers struggled through the warmest night for 28 years.

Readings taken from Boyn Hill showed temperatures dropping no lower than 22C (71.6).

It was also warmer than anything picked up by the old weather station at Hurley, which operated from 1953 to 1993, potentially making it the hottest night in the area for 63 years.

Dr Roger Brugge, a meteorologist with the University of Reading, explained the phenomenon, saying: “We’ve got a lot of warm air from the continent sitting on us at the moment which, until the wind picked up this morning [Tuesday] has been fairly slow moving.

“We’ve also got the jet stream which has been attracting warm southerly winds and tonight could be one of the warmest nights on record.”

He added there would be a ‘fairly small chance’ of thunderstorms following the good weather.

This was confirmed in an alert issued by the Met Office today.

The department sent out a severe weather warning for rain and warned people to be ready for localised flash flooding, with frequent lightning, large hail stones and strong winds also possible.

Yesterday's heat also forced Network Rail to implement speed restrictions at the main junctions in and out of London Paddington, adding delays of up to 15 minutes on to journeys through Maidenhead.

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