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Parrott keen to refocus on his businesses and Maidenhead RFC after recovering from coronavirus

Myke Parrott said this week he’d been left completely wiped out after contracting coronavirus, but the symptoms, which left him out of breath just climbing the stairs, are now starting to ease.

He’s keen not to overplay it, and knows he’s been lucky to recover from it so quickly when others have had it far, far worse.

However, he’s now keen to get back to work, with his focus now split between two businesses, his IT recruitment firm I-Gem Associates and fledgling player agency Braywick Talent. While talks with Maidenhead RFC chairman Steve Bough about taking on a new off field role, expected to straddle both the senior and junior playing sections of the club, will continue when he’s fully recovered.

He’s also looking for some positive news from government in the coming days, so that Maidenhead RFC can start looking ahead once more and planning for next season.

“I’m okay,” he said this week. “I’ve not felt great and it’s definitely been a bit rough, but I’m one of the lucky ones. I haven’t been hospitalised and I realise there are many people who’ve had this much worse than me.

“It’s absolutely wiped me out though. The fatigue is the worst thing. I’ve had no energy to do anything. The cough is still pretty bad and I’ve had a tight chest. I’ve also been out of breath when I climb the stairs. It’s impossible to know where I caught it from. Maybe from the shops, where people weren’t as careful as they should have been with social distancing. Or I was getting back into my running, so perhaps from someone I ran past. Maybe just from opening a door. We’ll never know.

“It’s been rough, but I don’t want to make out like it’s been awful because there are others who have had it much worse. Hopefully my conditions will start to disappear soon and I can think about getting out of the house again.”

Parrott is a man for whom staying at home and convalescing doesn’t come easily. He’s currently running a couple of businesses, and hopes one of them – Braywick Talent player agency – will take off in the coming months and years. It’s a project he’s running alongside teammate Mark Darlington and Parrott believes it could be very beneficial to Maidenhead’s young players moving forward.

“It’s been tricky because I’ve got an established business with people working for me,” he said. “So I’ve been checking in with them every day on video calls, trying to run the business whilst having two young kids running around and my wife not feeling too well. Thankfully, the last two or three days I’ve felt much better and the cough is starting to go thank god.”

He expects to speak with Maids chairman Steve Bough and head coach David Mobbs-Smith in the coming weeks to confirm the details of his new role at the club, while the club’s switch from the South West Premier into the London & South East Premier is something he’s delighted by.

“Things are so up in the air at the moment,” he added. There’s no rush because we don’t even know if there’s going to be a next season yet. It just might not happen if there’s a second spike.

“I haven’t spoken to anyone about it over the past few days because I haven’t had the energy to do it. I’ve exchanged a couple of messages with Boughy (Steve Bough, the chairman) and Mobbsy (David Mobbs-Smith, head coach), just letting them know I’m ok but those conversations with the club haven’t progressed at all.

“But there’s no rush. The club have made it clear they want me to stick around and I’ve been clear that I want to do that and help out where I can. Now I’m feeling better I’m sure I’ll speak to the guys more in the coming weeks.”

On Maids switching leagues he added: “I’m delighted by it to be honest. I live in London, as do a few of the other lads. These Saturdays when we’ve been going down to Devon and Cornwall we’ve been leaving the club at 7am and have been up since 5am and haven’t been getting back until late at night. We’re going to save a lot of money on travel and a lot of time. I also think it will be a good challenge. It should hopefully see some bigger crowds come to Braywick Park.

“There are also some aspects of the league which will be stronger. The backlines are probably stronger, the teams will likely be more skillful and I think it would be a better prep for us if we do want to go up to level four.

“It’s all positive. We’re in a good place and financially we’re ok. We’ve been prudent over the years and kudos for how that side of the club has been run.

“The lads are itching to come back and we’ve started to have initial conversations with them about next season. We’re going to be losing a couple, but only because of a change in circumstances. Olly Foxley is moving to America and Ross Muil is going to university.

“A great sign is that we rarely lose players to rival clubs. Everyone else I’ve spoken to is going to be sticking around and we’ll be looking to add a few to the squad as well.

“We now just need Boris (Johnson) to give us some good news and we can start to think about pre-season again and getting back into it.”

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