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Golden retriever has chunk of ear bitten off in Grenfell Park

A dog owner has issued a warning after his golden retriever had a large chunk of his ear torn off in an attack by another dog in Grenfell Park last week.

Cheddar is 11 month old and was being walked on a lead by his owners, Bill and Nuray Unal, at about 4.30pm on Monday, February 11.

The couple said the attacking dog, a bull terrier, was not on a lead and the person responsible for it was walking approximately 20 metres behind the dog.

Nuray said: “They came into the park and it came straight for us.”

Bill added: “The dog came up to ours and immediately pounced on Cheddar, there was a scuffle, and there was blood everywhere.

“Cheddar being on the lead with me, I started to pull back and ended up on the floor rolling, myself, Cheddar and the attacking dog.”

Bill managed to subdue the bull terrier by taking hold of his collar and at this point let it go.

He ‘grabbed’ Cheddar before heading straight to Summerleaze Veterinary Hospital.

Nuray exchanged details with the owner of the bull terrier at the scene but has since not been able to get through to the number given.

Bill said: “Our dog was in extreme agony, bleeding porously from his ripped ear and whining in pain.”

The couple went back to the park to find a piece of his ear on the grass but were told it could not be sewn back on.

Cheddar is still recovering from the attack which has left him traumatised.

Nuray said: “It’s changed his personality completely.”

Bill was admitted to A&E in Wexham Park Hospital after sustaining a cut to the bridge of the nose, a dislocated finger and bruising to his back during the scuffle.

Bill said: “It should serve as a warning to parents and other users of the park.

He added: “This is the owner’s negligence. Does somebody need to be very seriously injured before action is taken?”

Anyone with any information about the incident is urged to contact the police by visiting or calling 101, quoting investigation number 43190044794.


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