Father left 'fearing for son's safety' from bullies after teacher comment

A concerned parent says he fears for his teenage son’s safety now bullies have found out which school he has moved to – after it was revealed by his former teacher at Furze Platt Senior School.

The parent is now calling on the teacher, who he says has breached data protection rules and his duty of care, to resign.

He claims his teenage son, who the Advertiser has chosen not to identify, faced years of bullying at Furze Platt from students who ‘physically and mentally abused him’. He said: “They decided to pick on my son because of his size and because he wants to get on in school.”

He said the student was told he was ‘weak and rubbish’, was ‘constantly stabbed with pencils’ and threatened with a bread knife. The final straw came when his son was beaten up twice in one day, both times on school property. The father claimed when his son and a few other students reported to another member of staff they were being bullied, they were told to ‘man-up and face the bullies’.

After his son was given a place at another school, he said the family told staff at Furze Platt to keep details about the move confidential.

“He was over the moon at the new school and he has been thriving. Instead of being challenged to a fight he is challenged academically,” the parent added.

“Then the bullies got in touch saying ‘we know where you are’. His friends told him the teacher had told everyone in class and it spread like wildfire.”

After calling the school to complain, the father was sent a letter from the teacher apologising for a mistake he ‘may’ have made.

It said: “One student asked me privately whether he had left. Without thinking, I said that he may have done. I realise these answers may have been indiscreet and I apologise for any upset this might have caused you.”

The father believes it was the bully who asked the teacher where his son had gone, although the school would not give him the identity of the child due to data protection.

The parent said: “If only we were afforded that same honour of data protection.”

He is now calling on the school to take a stricter stance on bullying and for the teacher to face punishment. His concerns include reports of pupils fighting in Oaken Grove Park.

He added: “You always hear about children who have committed suicide because they have been bullied. I don’t want my son to be another statistic. He’s so polite, he has great manners, and he is a wonderful child.”

A spokesman for the school said: “Furze Platt Senior School is not in a position to comment on individual members of staff or students.

“The school provides a safe and happy learning environment for its students. The school has appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures in place to protect students.

“The school’s complaints procedure ensures that investigations can be conducted robustly, fairly and impartially.”


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