Home flooding victim says council has 'to do something now'

A victim of the September flooding will be forced to move out of her home for Christmas while damage can be repaired – and has warned the council it needs to act.

Following the heavy rain, Roseann Carter, who lives in Cox Green Road, has spent the last month living with six dehumidifiers in four rooms, with just one room to sleep in and a kitchen.

The 76-year-old widow has called out the council for not maintaining the ditch in Shoppenhangers Road, which she believes exasperates the problem.

She said: “I woke up at 3am and tried to keep the water at bay, I had 30 towels around the house.

“I’ve lived in the bungalow for 46 years and the drive usually floods but not the house.

“All my furniture is in storage and I had a new kitchen floor laid in August which will now all have to be torn up. It’s so depressing.

“I could not go through this again, this is my home.

“It will take eight weeks to repair the damage and I have to stay at a friends’ or family, I won’t be here for Christmas, that’s for sure.

“The council want to build all these houses but the infrastructure can’t cope, we knew that years ago. They have to do something now.”

The flood on Friday, September 16, caused part of Maidenhead High Street to close, with shops in the town centre also affected.

Royal Borough councillor Ross McWilliams (Con, Cox Green) said: “The council has now cleared the debris in the ditch and we’re working with Mrs Carter to stop this happening again.

“A formal flood investigation will take place that will be help us identify any areas in Cox Green to stop this happening again.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

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