New shop selling South African products opens in Cookham

The owner of a new shop selling South African and English food products has hailed the success of the business’ first few days of trading.

Biltong Bros in Cookham High Street threw open its doors on Thursday, July 28 and has been met with ‘really positive feedback’ from the community.

Holyport resident William Sennett, who is English, set up the business with the help of store manager Paul Wardle, who is of South African heritage, and a few of his South African friends.

He said: “We’ve talked about it for years really, setting up a really good, nice South African shop that has something a little bit different about it.”

The shop sells a variety of South African products including fresh biltong (dried, cured meat) and boerewors (a type of sausage).

Customers can also purchase fresh meat including kangaroo fillets, wild boar sausages, wagyu burgers, venison burgers, and ostrich burgers.

William added that the store is centred around ‘trying something a bit different’ – not just the typical meat such as beef, chicken and lamb that is widely available at butchers.

While the shop aims to bring a taste of South Africa to the community, it also incorporates English food – selling products such as tea, coffee, jam, local honey, bread, and milk.

Prior to the launch, about 50-60 people, including family, friends and people from the local community came to the shop on Wednesday, July 27 to enjoy drinks and nibbles.

Of the launch, William added: “[It’s gone] unbelievably well. Way better than I ever imagined really.

“We actually sold out by Friday evening, and we had to quickly go and get some more stock over the weekend.

“At one point on Sunday, Paul said there was a queue out the door. I was absolutely shocked by that.”

He added that the shop’s busiest day was Saturday where a ‘really good amount of people’ came in, and on Sunday they experienced a peak hour or so where people had to wait to come in.

“[That] was really good, especially just for a shop because everyone nowadays just goes online so it’s kind of unheard of,” William said.

He added: “A lot of hard work has gone into it, so it feels great to be open and the community in the High Street is very much behind it and it’s better than having another empty store on the high street.”

The business also provides pre-packed biltong into pubs and some sporting clubs in the area.

The shop is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10am to 5.30pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

William added that a website is currently being worked on and he would like to look at opening another shop in the future.

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