Private company and landowner pitch in with new bin

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

A landowner and private waste removal company have banded together to install and operate a new bin.

Cookham Waste, based in Lower Mount Farm, offers waste collection and recycling services to households and businesses.

In January, the company decided to install a ‘sponsored’ dog waste bin at Maidenhead Road/Station Hill/The Pound roundabout, to be emptied twice a week, free of charge.

The company directors said they felt, as dog owners, that there were not enough dog waste bins in Cookham.

Now the company has installed another new dog waste bin on Malders Lane. Tom C Copas of Copas Traditional Turkeys asked Cookham Waste to assist after seeing the bin it placed in Cookham.

The company supplied the new bin free of charge to Copas Traditional Turkeys and it will be emptied twice a week.

It will absorb the charges for one of these collections, ‘as part of our commitment to helping in the community’, Cookham Waste says. Copas Traditional Turkeys will pay for the other collection.

Barry Head, managing director of Cookham Waste, said the company agreed to help after observing that a bin that used to be there was removed.

“The place was littered with bags and Copas has been removing them, as many [were] launched into their fields,” he said.

“It seems very odd [to remove a bin] as we empty ours twice a week and it’s full.

“I think it’s more like a cost-cutting exercise, perhaps [the council] hoped that with no bin, people would take it home.”

A council spokesperson said:

“We already have a litter bin at the junction of Malders Lane and Cannon Court Road where people can dispose of bagged dog waste.

“This is being emptied as part of the council’s street cleansing contract, but we welcome the additional bin.”

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