Cookham company finalists in worldwide gin awards

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

A new Cookham cocktail company has been named as a finalist in the World Gin Guide Awards.

Cookham Cocktail Club set up at the beginning of the year making drinks, and had its official launch party as an event organisation in March.

Now it being celebrated for one of its special gins – Gin No. 5, which is among around 24 other finalists for the ‘Contemporary Gin – Up to 42% ABV (alcohol by volume)’ category.

The Gin Guide Awards are an independent and worldwide celebration showcasing ‘exceptional’ products, distilleries and people in the gin industry.

Finalists and winners are selected through ‘a rigorous blind tasting and unique scoring process’ with expert judges in gin distillation and mixology, according to the Award’s website.

There are separate categories for traditional, spiced, aged, sloe, flavoured and high strength gins.

Gins will be judged on appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel, finish and overall balance & appeal. The winners will be announced on May 4.

“This is a huge accolade for us, as over 30 countries submitted entries,” said Jules Herd, co-founder of Cookham Cocktail Club.

“We’re up against some very large brands and the gin market is incredibly crowded – I went to a gin parlour in Cornwall that had over 600 gins.”

Gin No. 5 is a sipping gin made with spice from peppercorns and cinnamon, as well as a citrus taste, designed to try and entice whisky drinkers and suchlike into the world of gin.

“The sipping gin market is much smaller,” said Jules. “Whisky drinkers don’t drink gin because thet don’t like the flavour, they don’t think it’s smooth enough.”

“At the moment it’s our only product and it’s only been on the market since the beginning of the year – so it was a pleasant surprise to see it as a finalist.

“I was almost in tears, it’s so exciting. Of course we’d love to win but even to have this much recognition is amazing.”

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