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Concussed cyclist calls on Royal Borough to fix potholes

A cyclist who was knocked unconscious after she hit a pothole near Cookham has called on the new council to do more to make the borough bike-friendly.

Susy Peyche was cycling along the B4447, near the junction with Whyteladyes Lane, when she went over her handlebars on Thursday, April 25.

She was commuting home to West Wycombe from where she works in Maidenhead.

Although she was wearing a helmet, Susy landed on her head and shoulder and was knocked unconscious.

According to witnesses, there were no other cars near her when she came off the bike.

Several drivers stopped and took care of Susy before an ambulance arrived and took her to Wexham Park Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a concussion. She has spent the last week recovering at home.

She said: “I don't really remember very much at all because I knocked myself out and was quite concussed.

“I don’t know if I didn’t see the holes. Maybe I couldn’t avoid them because of the traffic or I tried to swerve around them and hit some loose gravel and went over.”

Susy said that although the Royal Borough does a better job at repairing its roads than Wycombe, she hopes that the newly-formed council will do more to make the borough safer for cyclists.

She said: “It’s tricky to keep on top of the holes and I know how challenging that is but when they are repaired they are often not filled well.

“The gaps between them can be quite treacherous. They are fine for cars but not narrow-tyred road bikes.

“I get that there’s austerity but I think if you are looking at a holistic transport plan that encourages cycling they need to change the quality of the roads.

“Maidenhead’s cycle networks are particularly useless, they take you from nowhere to nowhere.”

A Royal Borough spokeswoman said: “A pothole in this area was reported to the council and we visited the location to assess whether any action was needed.

“Although the road has normal wear and tear in places there are no safety defects. This section of road is programmed to be resurfaced in the summer as part of the borough’s resurfacing programme.”


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