Copas Turkeys donates alpaca-guarded turkeys to Cracker Appeal

Will Taylor

Festive feasts for families unable to afford a Christmas dinner and for the elderly will be enjoyed once again this year thanks to an annual donation of turkeys to the Cracker Appeal.

A total of 74 birds, worth £4,810, has been given away this year by Copas Turkeys, in Grubwood Lane, Cookham.

Founder Tom Copas said: “We’re delighted to be able to help with the Cracker Appeal once again, providing our delicious free range turkeys to individuals and groups in need of support this Christmas.

"From the whole team here at Copas Turkeys we’d like to wish everyone involved with the Cracker Appeal a very, very special Christmas.”

Dominic Spooner, marketing manager at Copas Turkeys, added: "We know that we are fortunate to be enjoying a delicious festive feast with our families and friends at Christmas, and think that if we’re able to help people less fortunate than ourselves then we should do so."

The team was able to donate such a huge number of turkeys thanks to help from some new, long-necked, hairy friends.

Its group of alpacas at the farm has been boosted to 10 this year - two in each turkey pen.

Copas Turkeys introduced the animals following a series of fox attacks last year, which included one attack where 160 turkeys were killed.

The farm manager had the alpacas recommended to him - which Dom described as 'natural guard animals', and following the success of their introduction, their number has now swelled to double digits.

"They’ve done a fantastic job this season in reducing fox attacks," he said, adding he had seen them chasing off the predators.

The donated turkeys are set to be handed out on Tuesday.

The Advertiser's Cracker Challenge is set to take place tomorrow night at the Magnet Leisure Centre, featuring teams from the paper and different groups from across the area competing in various challenges and games.

Money raised helps fund Christmas parties and trips out for local charities.

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