'Jazz at the Altar' comes to Holy Trinity Church

Will Taylor

The halls of the historic Holy Trinity Church would normally echo with the sound of choir music, sermons and whispered prayer.

But on Friday, the Upbeat Jazz group teamed up with singer Charles Luxford for a ‘Jazz at the Altar’ event.

About 90 people turned up to the Church Gate building, which would not always be regarded as a venue for jazz.

However, organiser Mike Clark felt the church’s history as a venue for various services other than a place of worship, and association with music over the years, mean the concert was a ‘logical extension’ of those traditions.

He said: “While the church has always been, and always will be, primarily a place of religious worship, it has also been a centre of wider community activity over the centuries, serving as a market, a court of law and a place of entertainment.

“Holy Trinity is justifiable proud of its musical tradition.”

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