Wall of earth set up to tackle Winter Hill dogging and anti-social behaviour problems

Will Taylor

A mound of earth has been placed at the entrance to parking spots in Winter Hill by the National Trust to try and tackle anti-social behaviour.

It has been the site of drug dealing, dogging and partying according to Cllr Christine-Ann Jannetta of Cookham Parish Council.

However, Cllr Richard Kellaway of the Royal Borough (Con, Bisham and Cookham), crticised the idea to place the berms and block off the parking.

He said: As a consequence cars will have to park on the road for people to see the view, pedestrians will have to walk in the road, creating a hazard which was not there before."

"It is, of course, the job of the police to keep an eye on any anti-social activity and they do.  There are regular visits during the evening."

"The National Trust has over-reacted to a minor problem and will ruin the enjoyment of hundreds of people who visit Cookham to see its lovely countryside."

However, Rachel Forsyth, Lead Ranger for the National Trust at Maidenhead and Cookham Commons, said the measure was only due to last four weeks to see if a barrier could be placed there, and wanted to hear feedback.

She said: "By testing this approach we can see if a permanent barrier would help the problem or simply displace it to nearby areas."

Email maidenheadandcookham@nationaltrust.org.uk to give feedback.

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