Borough proposes speed limit reductions across the Cookham area

Emma Billingham

Proposals to change a number of speed limits within the Cookhams have been welcomed by the parish council.

The Royal Borough is holding a public consultation to reduce a number of speeds through the villages, including drops to 20mph in some areas.

Fiona Hewer, chairman of Cookham Parish Council said: "The parish council supports these speed limit changes as part of its continuing efforts to improve road safety in Cookham.

"Congestion and parking also cause problems in our village, and the parish council is beginning work on a Community Parking Review to try and ensure the best approaches now and for the longer term."

The changes proposed by the borough are:

– Bigfrith Lane – From a point 25 metres west of its eastern junction with School Lane westwards for a distance of 230 metres to the junction with the unnamed road leading to Spring Lane. Reducing to 20mph from 30mph.

– Unnamed road (adjacent to Cookham Dean Primary) – From its junction with Bigfrith Lane to its junction with Spring Lane. Reducing to 20mph from 30mph.

– Quarry Wood Road spur – From its junction with Quarry Wood Road north eastwards for a distance of 375 metres. Reducing to 20mph from 30mph.

– Grange Road – Extend existing 30mph limit from a point 37 metres north of the junction with Burnt Oak to the junction with Terrys Lane.

– Long Lane – Entire length – Reducing to 30mph from a split of 40mph and national speed limit. 

– Maidenhead Road – From junction with Long Lane to junction with Cannondown Road. Reducing to 30mph from 40mph

– Maidenhead Road – From junction with Long Lane to junction with B4447 Gardner Road. Reducing to 40mph from 50mph

– Terrys Lane – Extend 30mph limit for full length of road, currently mainly derestricted.

The consultation closes on Sunday, September 11. Responses should be sent to Huw Jones, Senior Traffic and Parking Engineer, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, SL6 1RF.

Update Wednesday, August 24, 3.33pm:

In a statement, the Cookham Society said: "We are requesting from the Borough a longer period of consultation so that the public can be made aware of the proposals and have a chance to respond. Many people are away at this time of year and the period to lodge objections is unreasonably short.  

"Road Safety is a major concern of The  Cookham Society and we support wholeheartedly measures that improve the safety of both pedestrians and motorists. Speed limits may be a useful tool but their effectiveness  is very limited if they are not enforced. In Cookham we have many junctions with poor visibility as well as single track lanes with oncoming traffic meeting on blind corners. During the summer the cutting of hedges and verges is critical to preserving already limited sight line and splays. We urge the Borough to pay full attention to this."

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