Application submitted to build 28 homes on Poundfield

Emma Billingham

An application to build 28 homes on Poundfield has been submitted by Berkeley Homes.

The Royal Borough received the plans for the controversial site from the developer on July 28.

The application would see a mix of two, three, four, five, and six-bedroom detached homes, semi-detached and terraced properties developed within pockets of the site.

Vehicle access would be via Terrys Lane with access from other routes and footpaths unaffected.

The developer states in its application that public access to green open space would be created.

The number of houses within the planned development has been reduced from 31 homes following feedback from the public exhibition in February which had requests from residents to keep an open green space on the southern side of the site, as well as the viewpoint well known from the Stanley Spencer painting of Poundfield.

The Save Poundfield campaign group, which is against any development on the site, has told its supporters to begin writing letters of support to the council regarding the designation of Poundfield as a Local Green Space within the Borough Local Plan.

Cookham Parish Council has also stated its support for the space to be designated within the plan.

The Borough Local Plan is likely to come in to force after the decision for the Berkeley Homes application has been made, but Cookham parish councillor Andrew Nye, said: "Sign up with support anyway, it's best to have a show of numbers in support of the green space."

A decision regarding the Berkeley Homes planning application is expected to be made by the Royal Borough by Monday, October 24.

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