The Dogs Trust hosts family workshop at Cippenham Library

Hannah Crouch

Hannah Crouch

Children learnt the importance of being a good dog owner on Thursday at Cippenham Library.

Representatives from The Dogs Trust animal charity visited the library in Elmshott Lane.

Youngsters learnt about what a dog needs to be happy and healthy, and how they can stay safe around dogs.

This included what to do if a strange dog approached them and how to behave around the animal.

Gemma Dingle, who is an education officer at the Dogs Trust, led the one hour session.

Shirley Fernandez, from Cippenham Library, said: "The event went down really well with the children and they all really enjoyed it, especially the stuffed dog.

"Everyone found it interesting as well, including the parents as they could learn how they can introduce their children to dogs.

"It was something different for parents and their children to enjoy."

The Dogs Trust aims to help youngsters 'Be Dog Smart’. The campaign educates families and help them to understand how to behave around dogs in order to keep themselves safe.

Similar workshops have been run at the Britwell Centre and it is hoped the charity will return again for more sessions.

Gemma said: “Our experience shows that teaching compassion, care and respect towards animals can enrich children's lives in many ways. Children are the dog owners of the future and it is so important to work with them to ensure they understand what a happy, healthy dog needs.

“Our ‘Be Dog Smart’ workshops are helping families understand more about how to behave around dogs in order to keep themselves safe.

"The children at Cippenham library were receptive to our Be Dog Smart workshop and it was really enjoyable teaching them and help them understand more about owning a dog. Fingers crossed we’ll be helping to shape some great dog owners.”

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