Call to tackle illegal parking on Burnham High Street

Illegal parking in the High Street is becoming a danger to the public, especially for wheelchair-bound and elderly residents, it has been claimed.

The chairman of Burnham Access Group, Jo Saunders, has spoken out after one of the group’s members, who is in a wheelchair, had to wait more than 20 minutes for the driver to return.

Jo said: “Vehicles tend to park on areas which block the pathway, so that pedestrians need to walk into the road to get by.

“In particular, those who use a wheelchair or walker, those with impaired eyesight, and those who cannot walk fast, or who have young children and buggies, find that keeping to the pavement can be difficult.”

South Bucks District councillor Paul Kelly (Con, Burnham Church and Beeches) has tried to raise the issue several times and more recently met with a member of the Transport for Bucks team to raise a number of concerns.

A spokesperson at Transport for Bucks said: “Improvements are currently underway on Burnham High Street, and as part of the works, Transport for Buckinghamshire met with Paul Kelly to make a routine visit to the site and discuss the possibility of reviewing current parking restrictions.

“With regard to unlawful parking, civil enforcement officers do patrol the area but if residents see parked vehicles causing an obstruction or hazard, we advise they make reports to the non-emergency Thames Valley Police phone line.”

A number of solutions were suggested by residents on Facebook including Roger Goodgroves. He said: “Rather than penalise the motorists who need to drive, what we need is more short-stay free parking. Give them an incentive to avoid the High Street, I would even say pedestrianise the top part.”

Ruth Gault said: “One-hour free parking at Jennery Lane car park would resolve a lot of issues, as most shops can be easily accessed from there through alleyways.”

Carol Linton added: “Many people still obey parking restrictions and those that don’t should be fined – heavily.”


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  • Pursuer

    11:11, 21 February 2017

    TVP will take no action as it says Parking is a civil matter. As for obstruction- well that's low profile work so don't waste your time & money phone the non emergency line. No action will be taken.



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