Flash flooding hits Royal British Legion club

James Hockaday

A clean-up operation is underway after flash flooding damaged Burnham Royal British Legion’s (RBL) Gore Road club.

The club fell victim to the bad weather on Friday, September 16.

It is thought that blocked drains around the site caused rain water to overflow into the club during the early hours of the morning, drenching the club’s carpet and damaging its kitchen.

Burnham RBL President Bob Slater said he and his wife Jackie found out about the flooding later that morning.

Jackie, who is also a member of the Burnham branch, said: “The club is open again but it stinks to high heaven.

“We went there on Sunday night for a social do and the doors had to be wide open.

“The smell was colossal.”

Mrs Slater says although the carpet needs replacing and the kitchen will need repairs, the damage does not compare to flooding in the club in 2007 which cost the branch more than £70,000.

Mr Slater believes last week’s damage should only cost the club a few thousand pounds but they will not know for certain until their insurance company makes an assessment.

He remains positive about the flooding and feels that compared to 2007, the situation could be much worse.

He added: “We’re feeling relieved.”

“Apart from the unusual aroma, it’s not too bad. It’s something that wasn’t avoidable. Everybody seems to be very supportive.”

Money used for the repairs to the RBL clubhouse will come from insurance and members’ money and not from donations to the RBL charity.

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