Bungee jumpers take the plunge for charity

James Hockaday

James Hockaday

Brave bungee jumpers donned daring outfits to raise more than £1,000 at Burnham High Street’s Garibaldi Pub on Sunday. 

Daredevils took the plunge and dived off a 200ft crane which was set up in the pub’s car park to raise money for the Thames Hospice.

One man leaped off the crane in only a leopard print thong, another wore a 1970s style dress and another donned a Borat-style mankini.

Pub landlady Judy Ablett said: “It was pretty bad weather to start off with but when the blue sky came out it was just wonderful, so many people showed up.”

More than 200 people turned out to cheer the jumpers along. The crowd remained tense as they watched volunteers jump off the crane.

“I’ve never heard so many expletives, the jumpers go up and down like anything,” added Judy.

Based on the day’s success, the pub hopes to hold a similar event next year. Money raised from the day is still being collected.

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