New homes plan near Harvest Hill 'likely to be one of many'

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

Bray Parish Council raised concerns about an application for two five-bedroom houses in Kimbers Lane off Harvest Hill Road, given the plans for further development in the area.

Each property would feature a garage which would provide parking for one vehicle, alongside bin and cycle storage.

Two additional parking spaces would be provided to the front of each property.

Three parking spaces are also proposed to the east of Kimbers House.

A new access is proposed from Kimbers Lane.

Although parish councillors at a meeting on Monday ‘had no objection to the application in itself’, they wanted to acknowledge that it was likely to be ‘one of many’ in the area.

They were concerned about the ‘knock-on effect’ on traffic as part and parcel of sites that are definitely set to be developed, namely, the South West Maidenhead area AL13 (Maidenhead Golf Course and Harvest Hill).

“There’s going to be such a quantum leap of development around Harvest Hill, a shed-load of development,” said Cllr Ken Elvin.

“It’s going to put so much traffic there, all via Harvest Hill.”

He added that it was difficult for the parish council to make a judgment call on the application.

Much of it depends on factors that are not yet known, given that it is early days for the plans for the golf course, he said.

The parish council voted to recommend the Kimbers Lane plans for approval but, in addition, to recommend looking at what can be done to the road and traffic infrastructure to mitigate its impacts.

To see the planning documents for this application, enter reference 22/01648/FULL into the borough’s planning portal.

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