A 65ft 5G mast could be built on the greenbelt if plans go through

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams


A 65ft 5G mast is set to be built on the greenbelt in Holyport, if plans go ahead.

The application is for an existing electronic communications station at Moor Farm in Ascot Road.

The applicant Cellnex is seeking to know if the application needs ‘prior approval’ – in other words, if it needs to be run through the planning application process in order to go ahead.

Cellnex classes its proposed work as a ‘necessary electronic communications upgrade’.

It includes installing a 65ft (20 metre) tower, 12 antennas, four dishes and five cabinets within the existing cabin and fitting an existing dish to the new tower.

“The current massive shift in user demand from city centres and places of work to more rural areas requires an improvement in coverage and capacity throughout the whole network,” wrote Cellnex.

“The existing installation is currently failing to meet customer demand and, as a result, the operator’s licence obligations for the area.”

The taller mast would replace the existing 55ft (17 metre) tower.

Four written objections have so far been lodged against the plans, mainly focused on the proposed height of the tower.

Objectors also noted that, so far, the applicant has not consulted with residents.

Responding to this concern, Cellnex’s agent said: “The proposal was deemed not to warrant further community consultation due to the presence of the existing installation.

“The local planning authority has undertaken community consultation as part of the planning process.”

At a meeting of Bray Parish Council’s planning committee on Monday, the parish council raised concerns that the application site is situated within the flood zone.

The area has been known to flood before and it is felt the extra equipment could exacerbate this.

“It’s gone from a few cabinets to a lot of cabinets on a flood zone. That’s not ideal,” said the parish council’s chairman of planning, Cllr Louvaine Kneen.

The parish council also raised concerns over access.

“I want to be sure they will use existing access via Moor Farm, not more access points,” said Cllr Chris Graham.

Given these issues, Bray Parish Council agreed that, in its view, prior approval is needed in order for the company to go ahead.

“There are just so many questions [with this application],” said Cllr Graham.

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