Biscuit dunkin' bungee jumpin' record set at Bray Lake

A world record was broken at Bray Lake as a 24-year-old successfully dunked a biscuit in a cup of tea from 75 metres.

Simon Berry, a bungee jump enthusiast from Sheffield, took to the lake in Monkey Island Lane for the challenge of his life on Thursday, November 17.

He teamed up with Experience Days to break the world record, combining his two passions: bungee jumping and tea.

Crowds watched as Simon broke the record by dunking a McVitie’s chocolate Hobnob biscuit into a cup of tea from 240ft and 10 inches.

He said: “This was insane, ridiculous and totally something I had to do. I have always wanted to be in the Guinness World Records book and this opportunity was too good to miss.

“Trying to maintain composure and accuracy as your adrenaline starts to pump is

definitely the hardest part, I am glad I put the practice in.

“I’m probably eligible for the most bungee jumps in a weekend after my training.”

Planning started for the challenge in February and the first attempt involved doughnuts and coffee in August but after the 12th bungee, it was too late in the day to continue.

Simon Frost, owner and director of Bray Lake Watersports said: “Over the 37 years that Bray Lake Watersports has been established, this is certainly one of the more strange activities that we have hosted.

“UK Bungee have become an integral part of the diverse activities at Bray Lake, the biscuit dunk certainly kept our usual windsurfing, sailing and paddling customers entertained!”

The record was previously held by Ron Jones from the USA with a biscuit dunked from 198ft and eight inches.

Robb Young, managing director of Experience Days said: “We’re always looking for unique ways to share our experiences and there’s no better way than a Guinness World Record.”

Watch a video by Guinness World Records of the jump below.

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